New Tour Launch: Unnatual Histories

Join us for a unique tour of the Natural History Museum in Oxford! We'll explore how human influence and selective choice shape the narrative of natural history museums, offering an 'unnatural' perspective on their historical and ideological foundations.

Issam Kourbaj's "Urgent Archive" Exhibition Review

Issam Kourbaj’s “Urgent Archive”: Exhibition Review

The latest Kettle’s Yard exhibition is a real-time battle to preserve Syrian history from oblivion, but does it stick in the viewer’s memory?

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Drawing profil portrait of a bearded man wearing glasses and a hat.

From Gill Sans, to Sans Gill: The Controversy over the Work of Eric Gill

Content warning: Rape, sexual abuse On January 12, 2022, an activist used a ladder to …

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Collage of two pictures showing different views of an indigenous totem pole inside a museum.

The Haida Totem Pole: A First Nations Treasure in Oxford

The second article in our short series delving into the background of items in the …

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Hanging shields covered with images of superheroes type figures.

Breaking the Prime Directive: The Pitt Rivers Phantoms

Introduction Within the Star Trek universe, humans are bound by the “Prime Directive” which forbids …

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Picture of an old rusty can within a museum exhibit.

Marmalade and the Revolution: The Gently Subversive History of Oxford’s Most Famous Foodstuff

Oxford is known for many things, but neither culinary delicacies nor revolutionary politics generally feature …

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Painted creamics hanging on a rope.

Review: ‘Between making and knowing something’ by Mariana Castillo Deball

This is a review of Mariana Castillo Deball’s 2020 exhibition at Modern Art Oxford. The …

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Black and white picture of women and girls protesting, holding a banner with arabic script.

An Interview with Isabella Hammad: Part Two

This is the second part of an interview with Isabella Hammad, the author of The Parisian: an epic tale of a Palestinian man’s journey beginning at the outbreak of the First World War.

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Decorated book cover with intricate blue, yellow and light pink floral motifs.

An Interview with Isabella Hammad: Part One

We had a chance to chat with The Parisian’s author, Isabella Hammad, about the broader …

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A stylized black and white picture of V.S. Naipaul's face

Literature after the British Empire: V.S. Naipaul’s story

V.S. Naipaul’s writings provide a unique insight into his attempt at constructing authentic identity. When …

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Sunset with the skyline of a castle-like Oxford college

A Brief History of Oxford Time

A brief history of time and temporality in Oxford, from tradition and fiction to science and modernity

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Two people in an exhibition room looking at art on the walls.

Beyond the Body: A portrait of autopsy

An exhibition review by Amy Holguin, Uncomfortable Oxford Guides Manager The first thing that struck …

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Museum gallery lines with white statues on both sides, with benches in the middle. The White Lie: Questioning the Legacy of ‘Whitewashing’ Ancient Sculpture

The White Lie: Questioning the Legacy of ‘Whitewashing’ Ancient Sculpture

Greek and Roman sculpture has always been considered a paradigm of art through the centuries. …

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