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Drawing of a man's face encased in a diamond shape

Cecil Rhodes: Where we’re going, we don’t need Rhodes.

Thousands of protesters stood, knelt, and sat in solidarity at the Rhodes Must Fall protest …

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Drawing profil portrait of a bearded man wearing glasses and a hat.

From Gill Sans, to Sans Gill: The Controversy over the Work of Eric Gill

Content warning: Rape, sexual abuse On January 12, 2022, an activist used a ladder to …

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Engraving showing a skeleton in robes and crown wielding a scythe.

‘Anti-Vacers’: Vaccine Resistance in nineteenth-century Oxfordshire

The COVID-19 pandemic brought vaccine tensions to the forefront of public discourse. Oxford centred vividly …

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Political cartoon depicting a Britich Workman huddling from the cold wind of Free trade, while his wife cries at home.

Why Brexit? Because Empire.

Imperial nostalgia is at the heart of the Brexit controversy.

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Hand holding a blue plaque into an archway

A Different Kind of Blue Plaque

The blue plaque project is one that has taken hold across the UK, first in …

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What’s in a name? Oxford Guiding 101

Certain ideas come to mind when the city of Oxford is mentioned – university, knowledge, …

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