New Tour Launch: Unnatual Histories

Join us for a unique tour of the Natural History Museum in Oxford! We'll explore how human influence and selective choice shape the narrative of natural history museums, offering an 'unnatural' perspective on their historical and ideological foundations.

Lesson Plans

Check out these free printable worksheets to facilitate discussion on a selection of translated short stories

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Stories in Translation

Translating stories can also pose challenges for accessing original meaning. Yet it also allows for increased representation and diverse perspectives. We have selected a number of publicly available short stories which pose interesting reflections about colonialism, history, gender norms, intersectionality, and cultural awareness.

Find attached a list of questions for each story to facilitate discussion in a group setting or personal reflection. These worksheets are ideal for use in a classroom setting or your monthly book club.

Beyond the Fog 

by Qurratulain Hyder

Translated from Urdu by Muhammad Umar Memon
Themes: Class, Indian Independence, Colonisation, British Empire, Family

A Clean Marriage

by Sayaka Murata

Translated from Japanese by by Ginny Tapley Takemori
Themes: Sex, Family, Partnership, Marriage, Reproduction, Societal Norms

God, It’s as Though You’re Sewing a Dress For a Flea

by God, It’s as Though You’re Sewing a Dress For a Flea

Translated from Arabic by Randa Jarrar
Themes: Marriage, Class, Religion, Language, Ethnicity, Identity

The Neighborhood Phone

by Gabriella Ghermandi

Translated from Italian by Giovanna Bellesia-Contuzzi and by Victoria Offredi Poletto
Themes: Immigration, the idea of ‘home’, community, class, time

A Madman’s Diary

by Lu Xun

Translated from Mandarin by Yang Hsien-yi & Gladys Yang
Themes: illness, tradition & modernity, paranoia, community, diary form

Comparative Discussion

Falling Down Politely, or How to Use Up All Six Bullets Instead of Playing Russian Roulette

by Rasha Abbas

A Bedtime Story for Eid

by Zaher Omareen

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