Join us for a unique tour of the Natural History Museum in Oxford! We'll explore how human influence and selective choice shape the narrative of natural history museums, offering an 'unnatural' perspective on their historical and ideological foundations.

History of Medicine Tour

Dissect the long history of medical research and practice in Oxford

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The history of medicine is always a bit uncomfortable. This tour walks you through medical history in the city from mediaeval plagues, to the founding of the medical school, and the first trials of penicillin.

Far from a straightforward linear progression, Oxford’s medical history is a complicated conversation about health equity, medical ethics, and continued clashes over the control of the body. Using the built environment, we examine health geographies, resistance to public health policies, and the tensions inherent in medical progress.

It platforms diverse stories while discussing histories of empire, race, class, and gender, highlighting how these narratives have an enduring impact on our modern lives.

All our tours are led by university researchers who have completed our official Uncomfortable Oxford training programme. Our guides combine expert knowledge and performance, ensuring each tour is a fun and educational experience.

Tour recommended for ages 12 and older.

  1. Bridge of Sighs (Hertford Bridge)
  2. New College
  3. Bodleian Quadrangle
  4. Clarendon Building
  5. Kings Arms Pub
  6. Museum of Natural History
  7. War Memorial Garden
  8. Radcliffe Observatory Quarter

Please note that the itinerary can vary slightly depending on time and tour guide.

We believe in promoting equality and ensuring that all our services are fair and sensitive to the needs of all participants. Our guides undertake rigorous accessibility training and are ready to adapt content and itineraries as needed to accommodate participants of all abilities.

  1. All tours are wheelchair accessible, but please note some mildly uneven pavement and crowding in the city centre, especially on weekends.
  2. Service animals are welcome on all tours.
  3. Caregivers and accessibility aids are welcome to attend tours for free, with no need to register.
  4. The total distance walked during each tour is less than one mile. Each tour includes moments for sitting/leaning against walls, and toilets are available at certain points along the routes.
  5. We do not usually use amplifying audio equipment, but can arrange to do this upon request and with advance notice. Please inform your guide if any visual or hearing accommodations are needed and they will keep this in mind throughout the tour.
  • Please let us know of any accessibility requirements when you book.

Read our full accessibility policy.

Tickets can be cancelled or rescheduled up to 24 hours before the start of the scheduled tour.

 Duration: 1 hour 30 mins  |  Age: 12+   |  Tickets: £18.00

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