Join us for a unique tour of the Natural History Museum in Oxford! We'll explore how human influence and selective choice shape the narrative of natural history museums, offering an 'unnatural' perspective on their historical and ideological foundations.

Photograph of a statue surrounded by protesters raising a fist, with graffiti on the base.

Churchill’s Legacy: Not Yet Set in Stone

Churchill had chosen the spot for his statue in Parliament Square himself, over a decade …

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Photograph showing the back of a statue and a city park

King Leopold II: A Bloody Legacy written in Marble

Many representations of Leopold II can be found dotted around Brussels, as well as several …

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Photograph of an equestrian statue with the head of the rider covered by a black and white traffic cone

The Duke of Wellington: The man with a cone on his head

Carlo Marochetti’s equestrian statue of Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington, which resides over Royal Exchange …

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